Hero Dog Travels 4 Miles To Get Help For Owner Who Got Into Car Crash

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A dog is being hailed as a hero after it travels four miles to alert and get help from his owner’s family about the car crash they were in.

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On Tuesday, June 04, the Baker County Sheriff’s Office released a statement about rescuing a man that got stranded overnight after a car crash.

In the statement, the Sheriff’s Office revealed that they received a report about someone named Brandon Garrett going missing on June 03.

The person who reported, Garrett’s brother, said that he did not make it to their camping site on June 02. “Family members located his vehicle this morning but were unable to reach it due to the terrain,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote.

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When the Sherrif’s Office responded to the scene, they found Garrett “approximately one hundred yards from the vehicle above the creek.”

The Baker County Search and Rescue Ropes Team set up their rescue equipment to reach Garrett.

The Sherrif’s Office reveals, “He was connected to a highline rope system and pulled across the ravine, where he was transferred to a group of SAR members and medical personnel.”

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Fortunately, Garrett was safely rescued from the scene and was airlifted to a regional hospital.

During the Sheriff’s Office investigation, they found that “Garrett was traveling north on U.S. Forest Service Road 39 on June 2nd with his four dogs”. And the Garrett lost control of the truck, causing it to plummet off to a nearby stream.

They then found out that one of Garrett’s dog travelled nearly four miles to their family’s camping site, which alerted the family and prompted them to start searching for Garrett.

Garrett’s family members then continued to look for him until they located his vehicle and reported it to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

Online users couldn’t help but commend Garrett’s dog for running to their family to ask for help. One user wrote, “That doggo helped save his life!!”

While another wrote, “Holy smokes he’s so lucky to be alive. And what an amazing dog to find his way to the family.”

“What a great & caring dog. He knew what he needed to do and he did it,” another one added.

Thankfully, the three remaining dogs were located alive at the crash scene.

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