86 Dogs and Cats Spayed or Neutered in ONE Day

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PETA and Halifax County Paws and Claws SPCA sterilized a whopping 86 animals free of charge in just one day! See some of the animals who won’t be contributing to the companion animal overpopulation crisis, and find out how you can help support our spay/neuter events:

South Boston, Virginia, Spay/Neuter Event Was a Pawsome Success

PETA deployed two of our mobile clinics from the Hampton Roads area to South Boston, Virginia, for a pawsome spay/neuter event. Thanks to the generous support of the Halifax County Community Recovery Grant Program, Halifax County Paws and Claws SPCA covered the cost of spaying or neutering approximately 50 cats and 30 dogs.

Why Should You Have Your Animal Companion Spayed or Neutered?

Unlike humans, dogs and cats can’t do their own family planning. In just one year, an unspayed cat can give birth to 12 kittens, who can also go on to reproduce in just four months, and an unspayed dog can give birth to 16 puppies. It’s up to their guardians to make the responsible choice to have them spayed or neutered in order to help curb the companion animal overpopulation crisis. However, sometimes resources aren’t accessible or even available. That’s why PETA entities are working to reduce the number of homeless companion animals and help care for dogs and cats in need without putting a financial strain on their guardians.

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We’ve successfully spayed or neutered more than 227,700 companion animals on our mobile clinics since their inception in 2001, contributing significantly to population control. Help us continue this vital service by donating to our Mobile Clinics Division:

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