A Corgi Breaks Stereotypes And Becomes China’s First Corgi Police Dog

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A six-month-old Corgi named Fu Zai is breaking stereotypes in China by becoming the country’s first Corgi police dog.

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Fu Zai made his debut during the opening day of a police camp in Weifang, Shandong province.

However, his debut raised some concerns because of the stereotype that short-legged dogs cannot work as efficiently as their long-legged counterparts.

But the Weifang Public Security Bureau dispelled doubts on Tuesday, March 26 when they uploaded a video of the adorable pooch, with the caption: “I heard that some people are questioning my short legs? Uncles and aunties, my short legs don’t affect my ability to perform tasks!”

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The video showed a glimpse of Fu Zai’s training, with him jumping effortlessly in the back of the van to get into his crate.

According to reports, Fu Zai is currently a reserve police dog, and is mainly responsible for drug search and bomb detection.

Credits: Weibo.com

As a reserve police dog, the pooch has training every morning and afternoon in a variety of areas, including obedience exercises, bomb searching and bomb sniffing techniques, the Straits Times reports.

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And despite his short legs, he has stood out in training and has actually outperformed a lot of his peers, even at two months old!

Weifang Public Security Bureau’s police dog base head Wang Yanan said, “His strong environmental adaptability… his desire for possession of items and his fondness of food are particularly conducive to our training.”

Reports also revealed that Fu Zai was originally a pet dog and had an owner. And a police dog trainer happened to meet the pooch at the park.

And when the trainer interacted with Fu Zai, he found that the pooch had the attributes of a police dog — obedience, appetite, motivation, and possessiveness.

Fu Zai’s training as a police dog is still ongoing. But with four months of training, Fu Zai, thanks to his short legs, can now search under a car and can easily get into narrow spaces.

Furthermore, he also improves interactions between the police and the public thanks to his charming and friendly appearance.

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