Adoptable Timothy Is ISO a Fan Club President!

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When PETA fieldworkers first met Timothy, the 6-month-old German shepherd mix was already being kept outdoors 24/7 in a pen. Checking on the handsome hunk every chance we could—providing him with a sturdy, custom-made doghouse; bringing him insulating straw in the freezing winters; and ensuring he had water to drink and shade overhead in the sweltering summers—my coworkers and I implored his owners to relinquish him.

And thus, in rural North Carolina, the Timothy Fan Club was born.

For years, they refused to let us free this sweet dog from his loneliness. But all that changed this month. Was it that our persistence simply wore down theirs? Or was it a winning heart-to-heart that finally did the trick? All I know is that while whisking Timothy to PETA’s headquarters after his now-former owners finally relented, I immediately called dibs on fan club vice president.

Rescued dog Timothy with PETA fieldworker Katherine
It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

Once safe and sound at PETA, it took roughly half a second for sweet-natured Timothy to rack up groupies.

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There’s the Timothy Fan Club treasurer …

Rescued German shepherd mix Timothy with PETA staffer Dan
You wouldn’t believe the treat budget this dude has.

… and the secretary …

Rescued pup Timothy with PETA staffer Ashley
It’s a ruff schedule of treats, naps, snacks, treats, walks, and treats, but someone’s got to keep it

… and the supporters …

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Timothy with PETA staffers Caroline and Grayson
They make their donations in treats.

… and the interim president …

German shepherd mix Timothy gets a hug from his foster guardian.
Timothy’s foster guardian.

… and everyone’s favorite member at large:

Timothy the German Shepherd mix meets a cat friend
Orange-and-white Harvey’s role is to make sure the treats are properly allocated.

Yes, it’s true—this captivating canine is cool with cats, too!

Timothy is roughly 4 years old and is already neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. He loves taking long walks, playing fetch, meeting new people, and going on car rides (oh, and did we mention scarfing up treats?), but his club’s interim president reports that this cuddly canine loves snuggling on the couch most of all.

Are you ready to stake your permanent claim to the presidential post? PETA’s accepting applications!

E-mail [email protected] to learn more.

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