Amy Swinehouse Says, ‘No, No, No,’ to Craigslist Animal Ads

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Craigslist might be a good place to snag a used couch or some neo-soul albums, but for potbellied pig Amy Swinehouse, a “rehoming” ad on the popular site led to her being acquired on a whim by someone who was unable to provide her with permanent care. Fortunately, when that guardian had to move and was unable to take Amy along, she knew not to place yet another “free to a good home” ad online and contacted PETA for help.

Amy is about a year old and as sweet and social as they come. She loves bananas and gentle scratches, and her playful antics are endlessly entertaining. One thing’s for sure—she’s ready to be a treasured member of her new family. In her former home, she even made friends with some respectful dogs!

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While beehive hairdos and winged eyeliner aren’t really Amy’s jam (although maybe they would be if she had opposable thumbs), she’s undeniably adorable in all black. But she’s not just a stylish snout—like all pigs, she’s keenly intelligent. In fact, she’s such a quick learner that she was apparently housetrained while living indoors as a youngster. (Her songwriting skills are yet to be determined.) Any potential adopter must be ready to keep her active mind occupied.

Although Amy has spent time indoors—and would love to hang out inside with her new family—she will need plenty of secure outdoor space to get exercise and root around in the dirt, a favorite pig pastime. And while she’s relatively small now, potbellied pigs don’t reach their full adult size until they’re between 3 and 5 years old, at which point they can weigh 150 pounds, so she still has some growing to do.

Amy with a PETA fieldworker

Amy’s new family will also need to make sure that local regulations allow pigs—and know where the nearest pig-savvy veterinarian is—before signing her adoption papers.

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Ready to go, go, go with Amy Swinehouse? E-mail [email protected] to learn more!

Adorable potbellied pig Amy

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