Animal Equality and Open Wing Alliance launch campaign against hospitality leaders

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UPDATE (March 26, 2024) – Animal Equality, a member of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), a global coalition working to end the abuse of chickens worldwide, announces that Hilton, Louvre Hotels Group, and Meliá Hotels International—have all made impressive strides in their transparency in reporting progress on their commitments to source 100% cage-free eggs in their entire portfolios globally.

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This vital reporting comes just 21 days after the launch of a global campaign led by the OWA, urging hospitality companies to provide details on their cage-free egg implementation plans. Once implemented, the combined commitments will reduce the suffering of nearly 861,000 hens in supply chains annually.

Today (March 5, 2024), Animal Equality joined the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) in a global campaign against prominent hospitality brands falling behind on their global commitment to eliminate cages for hens. 

Hilton Worldwide, Louvre Hotel Group, and Meliá Hotels International were applauded years ago for pledging to remove cages for hens from their global supply chains. They have since failed to report meaningful progress on those commitments. 

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Meanwhile, Hilton Worldwide has also failed to report progress on its commitment to remove cages for mother pigs in its supply chain. This is despite at least 40% of mother pigs in the United States being placed in group housing for their entire pregnancies. 

Promising to reduce animal cruelty in your supply chain is one thing, but living up to those promises is another. While mother pigs and hens are held in extreme confinement, Hilton has failed to be transparent about its progress toward eliminating cages in its supply chain. It’s time consumers know the truth about Hilton.

Dane Charbeneau, Campaigns Manager for Animal Equality

The Heartless Hospitality campaign highlights the disparity between corporate pledges, transparency, and actual progress. The campaign follows the widespread release of a new animal welfare report, Fair and Fowl: Global Travel Edition, which examines ethical gaps in the travel industry. 

This report has exposed companies that, despite pledging to remove cages from their supply chains, are refusing to fully disclose public progress on their commitments.

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Image is representative of a farm that uses cages.

Growing consensus against cages

Many of the world’s leading hospitality companies have already transitioned away from cages in their supply chains. These companies include JetBlue, Dorchester Collection, Motel One, and Starhotels. 

Consumer demand for cage-free eggs is increasing…Hotel brands worldwide are taking the necessary steps to remove cruel, outdated cages from their supply chains.

Caitlin Campbell, Global Campaigns Coordinator of the Open Wing Alliance

Numerous countries have addressed the cruelty of cages by banning them entirely, such as Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, and many other countries have enacted laws that will come into force in the coming years. 

In the US, eleven states have banned the use of battery cages for hens, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington. Eleven states have also banned gestation crates for mother pigs. 

Over 2,500 of the world’s largest corporations have committed to eradicating cages from their supply chains, and nearly 1,200 of those have already completed their transitions away from cages.

Extreme confinement: an egg industry secret

Over four billion hens exist in tiny, cramped cages that prevent them from stretching their wings. Caged systems promote stress, reproductive disease, and poor bone health in hens used for eggs.

Animal Equality’s global investigations have consistently demonstrated the cruelty of battery cages. Investigative footage has exposed living hens trampling their lifeless companions, whose bodies often decay at the bottom of their cages. 

Hen trapped in wire cage
Image is representative of a farm that uses cages.

Join the campaign against animal cruelty

Are you ready to take a stand against egg industry cruelty? Here are some actions you can take: 

Visit our Hilton Action Center: Use our prewritten email template to write messages to Hilton leadership. You can also write reviews for your local Hilton locations, call Hilton’s customer service, or comment on its social media. 

Choose a plant-based meal: The surest way to combat egg industry cruelty is by choosing a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate meal. Download your free copy of the Love Veg cookbook to discover egg-free, plant-based recipes. 

Two rescued hens feel the sun for the first time


As a mother capable of empathy, a hen will defend her chicks at all costs.

Support a mother’s love by replacing eggs in your meals with plant‑based alternatives.

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