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Raise Your Voice, Raise Your Hogs: Bringing Back Backyard Hog Production

The recent spike in pork prices has everyone feeling the pinch. The African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak delivered a heavy blow to our supply chain, leaving empty shelves and frustrated consumers. But amidst the challenges, lies an opportunity: a chance for backyard hog raisers to rise to the occasion and contribute to rebuilding our pork supply.

Yes, the fear of ASF is real, and the losses it caused are undeniable. But remember, fear shouldn’t paralyze us. With knowledge and proper precautions, we can navigate this challenge and contribute to a more resilient pork industry.

Why You Should Consider Raising Pigs Again:

  • Help stabilize prices: Your contribution, however small, can help alleviate the supply deficit and bring down pork prices for everyone.
  • Earn good income: With responsible management, pig raising can be a lucrative source of income, especially with current high market prices.
  • Be self-sufficient: Raising your own pork provides greater control over food security and ensures a consistent supply for your family.

Protecting Your backyard hog production: ASF and Beyond:

  • Biosecurity is key: Implement strict biosecurity measures like isolation protocols, controlled access, and proper sanitation to prevent ASF and other diseases. The use of feeds that are free from ASF contamination, use of effective disinfectants, and other biosecurity measures contribute to a safer farms.
  • Source healthy piglets: Purchase piglets only from reputable farms with proven biosecurity measures that guarantee disease-free stock.
  • Report suspicious cases: Be vigilant and report any signs of illness immediately to your local veterinary authorities.
  • Vaccinate for other diseases: While there’s no ASF vaccine yet, ensure your pigs receive vaccinations for other preventable diseases.

Beyond Recovery: Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability:

  • Fair pricing: Encourage consumers to understand the risks and appreciate the effort involved in responsible pig raising. Accepting slightly higher prices helps sustain hog production even when market fluctuations occur and this hopefully will prevent high price spikes and a more steady supply of pork on our tables.
  • Support local initiatives: Tap local government veterinary services, and join or establish pig raiser cooperatives to access shared resources, training, and market access.
  • Advocate for research: Demand continued research efforts for an ASF vaccine and improved disease control mechanisms.

Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by ASF and rebuild a stronger pork industry. By embracing knowledge, implementing biosecurity measures, and advocating for fair pricing, backyard hog raisers can play a crucial role in securing a stable and sustainable pork supply for everyone.

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Remember, the choice is yours. Let’s raise our voices AND our hogs!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian before engaging in any animal husbandry activities.

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