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Photo courtesy of :The Agricultural Training Institute – International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH).

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Cargill Gears Up for Sustainable Swine Success with ATI-ITCPH Training

The Agricultural Training Institute – International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH) kicked off its first training program of the year with a bang, welcoming 25 participants from global food giant Cargill Philippines for a tailor-made course on pig husbandry.

Running from January 22nd to 26th, the intensive program delves into the crucial aspects of swine farm management, covering everything from breed selection and breeding techniques to housing design and the all-important economics of raising healthy, profitable pigs.

The opening ceremony saw a heartwarming exchange between the ITCPH staff and Cargill representatives. “Ang akala namin dalawang staff lang ang mag-we-welcome sa amin pero ang buong ITCPH pala. We are so glad that you had permitted us to do this training amidst of the spread of the diseases,” expressed Ms. Love Sacluti, Cargill’s Category Manager. Her words were met with warm smiles and nods from the ITCPH team, showcasing the center’s dedication to supporting the swine industry even in challenging times.

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Cargill, a global leader in food and agriculture, is committed to providing safe, responsible, and sustainable solutions for nourishing the world. This partnership with ATI-ITCPH reflects their continuous efforts to empower local farmers and contribute to the Philippines’ agricultural development.

The week-long course promises to equip Cargill’s participants with the latest knowledge and best practices in pig husbandry, enabling them to optimize their operations for increased productivity and profitability. From farm management strategies to disease prevention techniques, the curriculum encompasses the holistic approach needed to navigate the dynamic world of swine raising.

The ATI-ITCPH, known for its expertise in pig production and its commitment to knowledge sharing, is the perfect partner for Cargill’s quest for sustainable swine success. This collaboration holds immense potential for advancing the Philippines’ swine industry, promoting responsible farming practices, and ultimately, contributing to a more secure food supply for the nation.

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As the training unfolds, stay tuned for further updates on the key takeaways and insights shared by the experts. We’ll be bringing you the latest advancements in pig husbandry straight from the farm to your fingertips!

We in Uybontiong Agriventures Corp. are hoping for the best outcomes on the training of Cargill’s staff at ATI-ITPCH. With Cargill as our partner, we hope to move forward despite the ASF issue and make our contribution in promoting a sustainable hog industry and a step closer to a more stable meat supply for the country.

Cargill is the maker of our Purina Feeds and Metrovet products and our dependable partner for technical support.

together we thrive -sustainable swine

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