Deadly North Texas Dog Attack Leaves 1-year-old Boy Dead

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A 1-year-old boy dies from severe injuries after being attacked by three dogs in North Texas on Monday, April 15.

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The 1-year-old boy, later identified by the Medical Examiner’s office as Shiraz Asirvadam, was attacked by three dogs in Duncanville, CBS News reports.

Police officers and paramedics arrived on the scene and “immediately began performing life-saving measures on the unconscious child”, the Duncanville Police Department reveals in a press release.

The police department also said, “Duncanville police officers provided an emergency escort while the child was being transported to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas by Duncanville Medics.”

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Unfortunately, due to the severity of the child’s injuries from the attack, he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

According to the police, Shiraz was inside the house of his babysitter, when three dogs made their way inside and attacked the baby.

The dogs reportedly belong to the homeowner and Shiraz’s babysitter and are now being quarantined in Cedar Hill pending the owner’s surrender.

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In a news conference, Duncanville Police Chief Matthew Stogner reveals that the dogs involved in the attack were of “[German] Shepherd mix, [weighing] approximately 80 lbs”.

Shiraz was also with three other kids inside the house, which the CBS News reports as the homeowner’s children.

Stogner calls the incident a “tragedy” and added, “our fire personnel and police personnel worked very hard to try and save this child.”

A Duncanville resident, Kathy Tracy, told CBS News, “It’s terrible what happened to the child and I feel so terrible for the family and the whole situation. But I have to look at it from another point of view too because I have a lot of friends at the shelter and animal control and this has just got to be devastating for all of them.”

Now, questions remain as to what provoked the dogs to fatally attack the 1-year-old boy, but the police said they’re working hard to figure it out.

Furthermore, the Duncanville Police Department reveals that the incident is still currently under investigation, and there is potential for criminal charges to be filed once the investigation is complete.

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