Deciphering Natu-B4™ A Comprehensive Insight

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12 Apr 2024


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This text aims to broaden horizons, focusing on the extensive possibilities and benefits offered by Natu-B4™: a product recognized for its exhaustive studies and trials, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023.


History of Natu-B4™

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Originating in 2003, Natu-B4™ emerged with the primary goal of replacing choline chloride. However, over two decades and more than 100 studies in various species and production conditions, it has evolved to offer benefits that surpass its initial purpose.

This text highlights the main advantages of Natu-B4™ for those who integrate it into supplements, correctors, and finished feeds.


Natu-B4™: The Poliherbal Wonder

Natu-B4™, according to European regulations, comprises a polyherbal blend based on Solanum nigrum and Achyranthes aspera, among others.

Rich in phospholipids, inositol, and other active molecules, it facilitates energy metabolism and nutrient utilization.

Industrial Characteristics and Stability

Presented in powder form, Natu-B4™ exhibits remarkable stability and compatibility with various feed processing methods.

Several studies attest to its superior preservation of vitamins compared to conventional formulations of choline chloride, ensuring nutritional integrity even under extreme conditions.

The unique composition of Natu-B4™, rich in phosphatidylcholine and other substances, stimulates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR-α).

These receptors play a crucial role in fatty acid metabolism, improving energy homeostasis and nutrient utilization, especially in high-energy diets.

Unlocking the Potential of Natu-B4™  Across Species

The evolution of Natu-B4™ unfolds through a series of in vivo studies in different species, where its efficacy and applications have been meticulously explored, promising a paradigm shift in animal nutrition.


Starting with broilers, Natu-B4™ emerged as a game-changer by gradually replacing choline chloride.

Field and academic trials underscored its equivalence with choline chloride while showing additional benefits, such as reducing hepatic and abdominal fat.

Notably, it outperformed betaine and choline chloride, also demonstrating potential synergistic effects with the former in broiler diets.


Field trials with laying hens confirmed the superiority of Natu-B4™ in egg production, quality, conversion rate, and costs compared to synthetic choline chloride.


Long-term studies in pigs revealed leaner carcasses, greater muscle depth, and lower hepatic fat deposition with Natu-B4™ supplementation.. 

These improvements, attributed to the activation of metabolic pathways, signal its potential to optimize gestation and lactation processes.


In ruminants, Natu-B4™ emerges as a viable alternative to protected choline products due to its resistance to ruminal degradation.

Studies in sheep, goats, and dairy cows showed improvements in milk production, quality, and reproductive parameters, heralding a transformative approach in dairy farming.


Research in adult dogs demonstrated the palatability, digestibility, and metabolic benefits of Natu-B4™, indicating its potential to completely replace synthetic choline chloride.

Furthermore, its nutrigenomic studies suggest broader health benefits, from cardiovascular health to cognitive function, positioning it as a holistic solution for pet nutrition.

The efficacy of Natu-B4™ extends beyond traditional livestock to fish, shrimp, and rabbits, among others.Its consistent effects, rooted in the activation of fundamental systems present in all species, underscore its versatility and wide applicability.

Relationship with Choline and Dosage Determination

Unlike conventional approaches that rely on variable doses of choline chloride, Natu-B4™ offers a unique composition that transcends the effects of choline.

Through extensive research, optimal doses of Natu-B4™ have been defined, tailored to species, production phase, and specific objectives.

While bioequivalence with choline chloride remains feasible, the distinctive properties of Natu-B4™ require customized dosage tables for greater precision.

How to Select the Correct Polyherbal Product as a Substitute for Choline Chloride: A Comprehensive Guide

a) Understanding Mechanisms of Action

When navigating the realm of natural polyherbal products, understanding their mechanisms of action (MOA) is fundamental.

Unlike synthetic products, polyherbals possess a complexity that demands a deeper understanding.

Analytical advances, such as chromatography and nutrigenomics, now allow for a comprehensive understanding of MOA, ensuring efficacy beyond empirical claims.

b) Quality and Technical Specificity

When evaluating technical records, several factors deserve consideration beyond favorable results. The volume of experiments, the variability of conditions, and the objectivity of performance influence reliability.

The specialization of the institution and the publication history further validate the effectiveness of a product, enhancing confidence in its performance.

Efficient sanitization protects against microbiological contamination at all stages of production.

Irradiation with gamma rays and treatments with organic acids emerge as effective sanitization methods, balancing efficacy, absence of residues, and regulatory compliance.

d) Quality Controls and Certifications

Nuproxa Switzerland ensures strict quality control and holds FAMI-QS certification for its entire portfolio, including Natu-B4™.

With ISO 9000, 14000, and 45000 certifications, Natu-B4™ undergoes meticulous microbiological and contaminant control, ensuring unparalleled microbiological quality and 100% traceability.

Furthermore, its inclusion in the FIBL list of products suitable for organic feed underscores its commitment to sustainability.

e) Supplier Suitability and Experience

In polyherbal formulations, the supplier’s experience in selecting and processing raw materials is critical and the foundation of their “know-how”.

Products derived from Ayurvedic medicine require precise selection of plant parts and processing to achieve desired results. Experienced suppliers offer invaluable insights, optimizing product efficacy in various environments.

With over two decades of experience and a dedicated team, Nuproxa offers unmatched technical and after-sales support in the European market. Leveraging extensive documentation and high talent retention, they stand out as pioneers in providing technical consultancy, ensuring optimal use of Natu-B4™.

First and foremost, dependence on choline chloride for supplementation is outdated, given the solid scientific foundation of alternatives such as Natu-B4™.

Not only does Natu-B4™ offer a safer and more consistent option, but it also aligns with sustainability goals, reducing dependence on petroleum derivatives in favor of environmentally friendly plant-based alternatives.

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