Dog Who Went Missing For 9 Months Found 2,000 Miles From California Home

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Mishka, a dog from California who vanished last July, was discovered 2,000 miles away from home in Harper Woods, Michigan, finally getting her much-awaited reunion with her owners.

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On April 03, Wednesday, a non-profit animal welfare organization in Michigan called Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS) posted Mishka’s story, describing it as “a tale that Hollywood would love to tell”.

According to GPAAS, Mishka went missing on July 21, 2023. And almost nine months after she went missing, a Harper Woods resident contacted the police about a stray dog in her neighborhood.

The Harper Woods Police responded to the report, and dropped off Mishka at GPAAS.

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The shelter found out that the missing Terrier mix had a microchip. And that’s how they were able to find her family’s information.

The organization contacted Mishka’s owner, Mehrad Houman, and found out that they lived in San Diego, California — 2,343 miles away from where Mishka was found.

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Coincidentally, Houman and his family were spending Easter at Minneapolis. So, the worried owner drove 10 hours just to be able to finally reunite with his missing dog.

“I’ve been missing my kid, so that’s I think, what anybody would do to go get their kid back,” Houman told Fox 2.

GPAAS revealed that Houman’s plan was to immediately drive back to Minneapolis to reunite Mishka with the rest of her family and then fly back together to San Diego.

“But first, Mishka needed to be checked out by Dr. Pillsbury at Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital in order to fly,” the animal welfare organization shared.

While it’s still a mystery how Mishka was able to travel that far, Dr. Pillsbury told The Associated Press that Mishka was clean and well-fed, and that whoever had her “took good care of her.”

Liz Houman, Mishka’s other hooman, also noticed that Mishka knows how to sit now. She said, “Someone taught her how to sit.”

She also said, “It’s a 100% miracle, and we never gave up hope. And I knew that we were going to get her back.”

GPAAS took this opportunity to remind dog owners how important microchipping your pet is.

“A conscientious family microchips their beloved pet. An unfortunate event happens with the dog being separated from them. A local resident makes the right decision. The synergy between a municipality and it’s local animal shelter shines brightly. The technology of the microchip reunites the long, lost pup with it’s forever family.”

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