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Hi, I’m Dr. Karyn. Read my introduction to learn more about me and my five funny dogs, Poppy, Bailey, Kodah, Ned, and Fred.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time will tell you that I am a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs too, but I wouldn’t have classified myself as a dog person, and until 2021, I definitely wouldn’t have thought of myself as a Chihuahua person either. Then, a little guy called Potato (Tate for short) entered my life and everything changed.

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Tate was surrendered to my veterinary practice when his owner was no longer able to cope with his epilepsy, and I brought him home on a temporary basis until a permanent home could be found. Well, I have never fallen in love so quickly. Within 48 hours, I knew this little chap had already found his permanent home, and a permanent place in my heart.

Despite being the smallest animal in our house, he soon established himself as top dog, and even gained the friendship and respect of our five felines. He went everywhere I went, and opened my eyes to the wonderful personalities of the smallest of the canines.

When Tate died suddenly after Christmas, 2022, I was devastated; his loss sent me into the worst depressive episode of my life. A few weeks later, my heart began to heal, thanks to the appearance of a new tiny creature: Ned.

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I was just looking at the shoe!I was just looking at the shoe!
Ned: I was just looking at the shoe!

From Heartache to Healing

Ned, Nedrick, Ned-Ned, or Neddy, was 14 weeks old, with about 3 tonnes of personality packed into his 1.2 kg body. He was cheeky, cuddly, brave, needy, playful, and helpless, and he never fails to make me smile. Just like Tate before him, he managed to race to the top of the canine hierarchy, figuratively and literally, often found perched on the back of a Labrador or German Malinois, using them as a bed or a way to get closer to food. Despite his voracious appetite, Ned stopped growing once he’d reached 1.8kg (just shy of 4 lbs), and I maintain that it’s because at this size, he still fits perfectly on the hot water bottle.

A few months after Ned had burrowed his way into our hearts, my husband learned that Ned’s cousin (from the litter of his mother’s sister) was in need of a home. And so, when I returned from a trip with my sister, I was surprised to learn that Ned had a new favorite plaything: Fred.

I’m not going to lie; I was furious at first. Bringing home a new dog without talking to me about it? Not cool! However, my anger was soon outweighed by the imploring brown eyes of this chubby new family member, and the joy of watching him and Ned spending hours chasing each other, wrestling, and ganging up on poor Kodah, our Belgian Malinois. Whilst Ned is itty-bitty, Fred is somewhat more…robust. I jokingly refer to him as the little teapot, as he’s “short and stout”, although that might be a little bit of the kettle calling the teapot black!

Ned & Fred SleepingNed & Fred Sleeping
Ned & Fred sleeping

Trouble Multiplied

Having experienced life with Chihuahuas for a little while now, I had become accustomed to their surprising fondness for food, dramatic bursts of playful energy, and their ability to give all that up for the opportunity to sleep in. What I hadn’t realized is that these characteristics don’t just double when you add a second Chihuahua into the mix, that number apparently multiplies exponentially, and I found that Ned & Fred’s daily routine could be broken into three main areas: eating, sleeping, and up to something.

You may have read the quote:

Silence is golden…unless you have a puppy. Then it is very, very suspicious.”

Well, this also applies to my dynamic little duo. If they’re not desperately begging for food or fast asleep on my lap, they are usually tackling each other, bullying Kodah, or engaging in various other delinquent activities, such as

  • pooping under my bed or desk
  • stealing cat food
  • unraveling toilet rolls
  • stealing socks
  • chewing skirting boards
  • eating the mail

…the list goes on!

WWF with Poppy as the RefWWF with Poppy as the Ref
WWF with Poppy as the Ref

I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

They are, by far, the naughtiest dogs we’ve ever had! But somehow, their diminutive stature makes their incorrigible behavior seem less frustrating than if they were the size of our other dogs. We don’t allow them to just run riot around the house like a pair of little hooligans, and they have been taught all the rules, manners, and potty training as every other dog we have, but I can definitely see why many Chihuahua owners find it difficult to train these little gremlins. Not only does their small size make it easier for them to conceal their illicit exploits, it is virtually impossible to stay mad at their adorable little faces.  And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’d better sign off – they’ve been suspiciously quiet for a while!

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