EW Nutrition acquires BIOSTABIL product line from dsm-firmenich

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VISBEK, 5 March 2024 – EW Nutrition, a global provider of animal nutrition solutions, announced today that it has acquired the BIOMIN BIOSTABIL product line from dsm-firmenich. The deal gives EW Nutrition ownership over an established and successful line of silage inoculants.

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“The agreement we have concluded gives us a solid foothold in a sector where we are currently developing a more substantial presence” says Jan Vanbrabant, CEO of EW Nutrition. “EW Nutrition continues to expand strategically, enriching its portfolio with market-leading solutions, developed in-house or through acquisitions. The Biomin Biostabil line joins an innovative portfolio that has been growing tremendously in the last three years with the launch of Ventar D and Pretect D, our Feed Quality and Pigment lines acquired in 2021, and yet another momentous global launch coming up shortly.” This solid, well-proven line of silage inoculants, says Vanbrabant, will be an important addition to customers of EW Nutrition’s On-Farm Solutions business around the world.

The transaction was closed on March 1, 2024. Under the services agreement concluded, all customers will be actively supported over the next months, while the asset, brand, and go-to-market will be transitioned to EW Nutrition in the coming period.

The financial details of the sale remain confidential.

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