From Mexico to Virginia on a Broken Leg: Meet Gordon

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This spring, PETA workers once again rolled into two underserved communities in Mexico—the rural town of Chichimilá and a neighborhood in Cancún—to host a pair of free spay/neuter clinics. A team of veterinarians “fixed” nearly 500 cats and dogs for their loving guardians and helped them with basic preventive care. But our crew didn’t expect to find a sad little stowaway, who would end up making the voyage with them all the way back to Norfolk, Virginia.

Enter Gordon. This small brown dog, who was enduring life on the streets, homeless, and suffering from a host of medical issues, wandered straight into the area where PETA workers were tending to animals following their sterilization surgeries in Chichimilá. Perhaps embarrassed that he’d forgotten to make an appointment, he started to leave—and that’s when our staffers noticed that he was limping. The workers secured Gordon and brought him to the clinic’s veterinarians, who neutered him and gave him pain medication for his injured leg.

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Then came a dilemma. Our workers had to get to Cancún pronto for the second clinic, but Gordon still needed their help. Luckily, Chichimilá’s mayor and health director asked the local police to keep him safe until PETA could come back for him. Once all the “snipping” was done, PETA whisked Gordon to a veterinarian, where he was found to be emaciated, riddled with intestinal and tick-borne blood parasites, and suffering from demodectic mange and a fractured femur that would require surgery.

Our staffers wouldn’t dream of leaving Gordon behind, so off he flew to Norfolk with his newfound friends. Despite having never left the streets of rural Chichimilá, Gordon took to traveling like a seasoned pro. The social, laidback pup was unruffled by having to navigate airports and flew as calmly as if he’d been putting stamps in his passport for years.

Back in the States, Gordon had the surgery that he needed on his leg—which was graciously paid for by the Dancing Star Foundation—and he’s now well on his way to recovery. While he recuperates in a foster home, he’s taking applications for an adoptive family—one that appreciates how much of a goofy Gordon he’s become now that he’s feeling much better.

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Since he’s no longer struggling to survive on the streets, he’s discovered that he loves toys, tug-of-war, new friends of almost any species, and snuggling in bed. When he gets really excited, he likes to nibble gently on his foster family—just a friendly taste! Given how easily he took to the road (and the skies), Gordon may be your perfect match if you’re looking for a ride-or-die traveling companion. But he’s equally as happy reveling in the comforts of home.

One thing is for sure: Everyone who meets Gordon falls in love with him, so this globe-trotting Casanova is sure to leave a trail of doting admirers in every port.

Ready to plan your next escape with Gordon? E-mail [email protected] to learn more.

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