How to Treat Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs at Home

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5.  Other common dog diarrhea treatments

5.1 Are antibiotics necessary to stop diarrhea in dogs?

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Antibiotics are unnecessary and sometimes contraindicated for dog diarrhea. In my practice, I only used them as a last resort if a pathogen was confirmed and diarrhea didn’t improve within 48 – 72 hours.

The administration of toxic chemicals during a time when the body needs to cleanse itself doesn’t make much sense and can overwhelm the digestive system.

One of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for treating diarrhea in dogs, metronidazole (Flagyl), causes long-lasting disturbances of the bacterial flora, damages the intestinal lining and induces diarrhea, as confirmed in a research study involving healthy dogs.

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5.2 Should  anti-diarrheal drugs be used to treat acute diarrhea?

As I mentioned above, slowing down intestinal movement can hinder the body’s natural cleansing, rebalancing, and healing process. It is much better to support your dog’s health using the above diet, give probiotics, and ensure good hydration than it is to go against the body’s natural defences.

Excessive use of anti-diarrheal drugs and antibiotics in diarrhea treatments often leads to health issues such as chronic diarrhea, leaky gut, inflammatory bowel disease, and a weakened immune system. 

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5.3 Is rice good for dogs with diarrhea?

Many traditional dog diarrhea recipes call for rice, which I dont recommend for several reasons

Based on my clinical experience with dogs suffering from diarrhea, rice is not as soothing as cooked squash, pumpkin, or yams. Moreover, thousands of HairQ Test results have also confirmed that rice contains high levels of toxic arsenic due to heavy metal pollution in Asian countries.

5.4 Can chiropractic adjustment help with acute diarrhea in dogs?

In some cases of recurring dog diarrhea, digestive issues can be caused by an undiagnosed lumbar spine injury. Some exercises, such as ball or frisbee chasing, can result in muscle injuries, tightness, and inflammation due to the dog slipping during an attempt to catch the toy.

If left untreated, lumbar muscle tightness can shut off the blood, nerve, and energy flow that supplies the small and large intestines, weaken digestive function and lead to recurring bouts of diarrhea.

Talk to your veterinarian if you suspect your dog might be experiencing back pain. There are numerous drug-free alternative treatment options, such as chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture, that could help your dog heal.

Discover more about how you can support your dog in the healing process with natural supplements that help nourish and detox the body, reduce inflammation, and soothe the digestive system.

6. Supplements that can help with dog diarrhea

6.1 Canine probiotics

The most critical step in treating your dog’s diarrhea is to restore the balance of their intestinal microflora. Canine-specific probiotics not only support healthy digestion, bowel movements, and immune system function but also help you naturally prevent the occurrence of acute diarrhea episodes in the future.

GutSense is a non-dairy pre and probiotic supplement and digestive support for dogs, formulated with nine canine-specific probiotic strains and organic natural ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and maintain a healthy gut balance.

Our probiotic formula is naturally fermented and contains numerous Lactobacillus species, which increase nutrient absorption levels and relieve inflammatory bowel disease and leaky gut syndrome symptoms.

GutSense also contains organic cilantro, a powerful detoxifying agent that eliminates heavy metals and toxins from the body, and certified organic dandelion, which helps boost digestion and gently cleanse the liver.

6.2 Nutritional supplements

For ongoing support and natural diarrhea prevention, I recommend giving your dog essential supplements such as minerals, vitamins, and high quality toxin-free sustainable Omega-3 oil. Heres what I give to my dog Pax to improve his digestion and boost his immunity naturally.

GreenMin is a nourishing plant-based mineral and amino acid-rich green superfood made from certified organic Brazilian Alga Calcarea and Californian Spirulina.
SoulFood is a certified organic wholefood multivitamin and organ health support supplement for dogs of all ages. It is fermented which makes it stand apart from synthetic vitamins that have a tendency to cause stomach upset.

FeelGood Omega is a pure, sustainably sourced, and mercury-free Omega-3 calamari oil with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the modern nutrient cycle and the importance of nutrient supplementation in dogs, or check out the Healthy Dog Tool for a step-by-step approach to your dogs health and longevity.


6.3 Liver support and detox supplements

Living in a polluted world can take its toll on your dogs liver, dramatically reducing its capacity to remove toxins from the bloodstream, break down drugs, and metabolize vital nutrients.

One of the critical steps to preventing liver disease in dogs is to do a liver cleanse and detox every 6 to 12 months. Not only does a liver detox help eliminate all the heavy metals and toxins accumulated within the body and rebalance liver enzymes, but it also prevents digestive issues such as diarrhea.
For Paxs semi-annual liver cleanse, I use LiverTune, a naturally fermented liver support and detox supplement enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer plant-based nutrients. Made using a patented fermentation process, LiverTune is a highly bioavailable supplement meant to improve digestion and liver enzymes and strengthen your dogs immune system.

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