More than 100 celebrities and influencers gather in LA to celebrate Mercy For Animals’ 25th anniversary during Earth Month

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LOS ANGELES — On Saturday, April 20, more than 100 celebrities and influencers gathered with changemakers from around the world at The Mercy For Animals 25th Anniversary Gala ahead of Earth Day to celebrate Mercy For Animals’ history and the positive impact the organization has had on farmed animals, people’s lives and the planet. Many spoke passionately about the importance of making food choices and supporting initiatives that foster compassion and sustainability.

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The star-studded event drew both new faces and longtime friends who have worked alongside Mercy For Animals to promote kindness to animals and protect the planet we all share. Sarah Jeffery, Moby, Daniella Monet, Joseph Morgan, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Persia White, Jay Shetty, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty and others joined as presenters, while Tabitha Brown, Charo, Travon Free and Kate Mara were honored with awards. Gala guest photos are available here.

“From calling for legislative reforms to collaborating with food industry leaders on sustainable practices, Mercy For Animals is committed to replacing our cruel food system with one that is not just kind to animals but essential for our planet’s future,” said Leah Garcés, CEO and president of Mercy For Animals. “With our dedicated supporters, Mercy For Animals looks ahead to the next 25 years with optimism and determination, knowing that together, we can create a world where all animals are treated with compassion.”

Since it began as a small grassroots group in 1999, Mercy For Animals has become a leading international organization driving meaningful change for farmed animals and the planet. To mark its milestone anniversary, Mercy For Animals invited advocates from across the animal protection, environmental and plant-based food sectors to celebrate, connect and build on a quarter century of success.

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Media Resources

For more information or to schedule an interview with Leah Garcés, contact [email protected].  

Photos from the event are linked below for your coverage.

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Mercy For Animals is a leading international nonprofit working to end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system. Active in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and the United States, the organization has conducted over 100 investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, influenced over 500 corporate policies, and helped pass historic legislation to ban cages for farmed animals. 2024 marks Mercy For Animals’ 25th year of groundbreaking campaigns and programs. Learn more at

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