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Mobility issues are the #1 reason for losing our beloved dogs

If you have shared your life with a canine friend for more than eight years, you likely know how concerning it is to witness a gradual decline in their mobility. 

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Most dog lovers in our community already take extraordinary care in feeding a balanced diet and shielding their dogs from harmful toxins, flea products, and unnecessary vaccines. We’ve also made leaps in preventing organ diseases and cancer and extending health-span. 

I will not deny it’s fun to celebrate our wins and enjoy all the reports of middle-aged and senior dogs acting much younger than other dogs of the same age. 

But I also have an endless desire to continue to improve, innovate, and push our limits when it comes to healthspan and quality of life. One area of focus for me has been improving muscle strength, joint function, and overall mobility.

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If your dog has mobility issues, you may have already been incorporating exercises or trying out different mobility and joint support supplements. However, from your reports, many dogs still suffer from mobility problems, and there doesn’t seem to have been much progress in the past few decades. 

Loss of mobility is still one of the most common and heartbreaking causes of euthanasia in dogs

Most senior dogs suffer from progressive muscle loss, joint pain, weakness, and an inability to tackle stairs, hardwood floors, or jump up into a car. I feel lucky to have met many great veterinarians, among whom are two particularly amazing ones who focus on rehabilitation: Dr. Megan Kelly and Dr. Laurie McCauley.  

The challenge of managing mobility issues in dogs has also led me to research, study, and formulate a new generation of support for joint health, muscle strength, and mobility.

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Knowing how much of a difference fermentation makes in the other products in the lineup, I knew our dog mobility support supplement had to be fermented. But that wasn’t the only challenge my team and I took on.

There is only so much powder we can add to our dogs’ meals, and the final decision was to make this new product a nut-butter-like consistency using a coconut oil base.

Think of this joint and mobility support formula as a new generation, supercharged golden paste that our dogs can enjoy as a delicious treat while their muscles and joints are nourished, strong, and pain-free.


Congratulations to Lynda Darley for being the first one to guess our new product name and winning a years supply of JointButter!



When is the new joint and mobility support formula coming?

The estimated launch is the end of January/February. Over the next couple of months, I’ll share more about the ingredients and formula.

I believe this product will significantly enhance your dog’s mobility and give you more quality time together. I can’t wait to hear about the transformations you’ll witness, just like with our other dog supplements. 



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