PETA Investigator ASSAULTED Filming Racehorse Auction Carnage

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Today, at an under tack show held by Ocala Breeders’ Sales (OBS) in Ocala, Florida, a reckless sprint event turned deadly: A horse was killed by track staff after a collision, and a jockey lay motionless on the ground.

The event livestream, now deleted from the OBS webpage, shows the young horse colliding at high speed with a track barrier. The collision flings the jockey into the railing, and from there, he tumbles to the ground. The horse then collapses just past his motionless body. (This danger is why some jockeys refer to these events as “suicide shows.”)

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Footage then shows track officials euthanizing the struggling horse, who was panicking and in apparent agony, via multiple injections in the neck.

PETA Investigator Assaulted at OBS

While a PETA investigator was filming this carnage, OBS President Tom Ventura and a staff member assaulted him. One man grabbed him repeatedly and forcibly wrenched off his backpack, which they refused to return, and tried to prevent him from leaving. He has filed a complaint with the police for assault, battery, theft, and unlawful detainment.

The OBS employees likely wanted to suppress footage of the incident in order to keep the heat off. PETA has previously released video footage of these deadly sprints in which young horses, many not even 2 years old, are forced to race faster than they ever will again just to drive up the auction prices.

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Under Tack Stunts Are a Death Sentence for Horses

Under tack shows are events put on by auction companies to exhibit 2-year-old or younger juvenile horses in order to inflate selling prices. The events have a reputation for drugs, injury, and death, as jockeys are made to push immature, inexperienced horses to run at dangerous speeds (these sprints are known as “breezes”), leading to catastrophic injuries and death.

It’s only been a year since PETA captured footage of a 2-year-old horse sustaining a fatal injury at an OBS show. Since then, countless other horses have sustained fatal and otherwise life-altering injuries off camera.

Forcing juvenile horses to run at top speeds on fragile, undeveloped bones and joints is animal abuse. Thoroughbred auction companies recklessly endanger—and even kill—very young, inexperienced horses simply to put on a show for buyers.

Save Horses: Support PETA’s Proposal

Under tack shows don’t have to be fatal. Deadly sprints used to drive up selling prices of young horses at these shows are pointless. They’re not even good indicators of performance for future races. When they don’t kill the horses, these events (and the training leading up to them) often leave the animals with permanent injuries.

Thankfully, PETA has a plan that would stop most of the carnage at under tack shows without significantly affecting their operation. The proposed format would demonstrate juvenile horses’ aptitude for real races instead of dangerous, breakneck sprints that they will never perform again.

Please, take a moment to defend young horses who are used for racing by indicating your support for PETA’s proposal:

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