PETA Pitches a ‘Dam’ Good Deal to Imperiled Panguitch

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It seems that the residents of Panguitch, Utah, won’t have to evacuate just yet, but as they await the possible impact of melting snow, PETA is poised to help them out.

PETA Pitches Panguitch a Dam Good Bargain

As emergency repairs continue on a massive 60-foot-long crack that’s threatening the integrity of the Panguitch Lake Dam, we sent a letter to Allen Henrie, president of the West Panguitch Irrigation & Reservoir Company, offering to contribute to the considerable funds required to fix the fissure—provided the company agrees to plaster the dam with our eye-catching appeal urging residents, “Give a dam about your health. Go vegan.”

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Going vegan spares animals a life of misery and a terrifying death, and it’s also one of the best things anyone can do for their own health, slashing their risk of cancer, heart disease, and other potentially fatal health issues.

The Panguitch dam may be leaky, but the research is watertight: Consuming meat, eggs, and dairy is unhealthy and unnecessary. When it comes to human health, it’s not damned if you do, damned if you don’t. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, going vegan reduces an individual’s risk of developing diabetes by 62%, their chance of being hospitalized for a heart attack by 33%, their risk of suffering from heart disease by 29%, and their risk of developing cancer by 18%.

Going Vegan Saves Lives

Every animal is someone. Our fellow sentient beings—who live rich and fulfilling lives when allowed the freedom to do so—suffer immensely when they’re deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them so they can be used for food.

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Every person who goes vegan—including those who would see our ad—saves nearly 200 animals a year and prevents them from suffering on factory farms, where workers routinely castrate and brand cows without painkillers; cram chickens and turkeys into filthy, ammonia-filled sheds by the tens of thousands; and imprison pigs in cages so small that they’re prevented from standing up or turning around.

And the nightmare doesn’t end there. After living in misery, these animals are then subjected to the horrors of being transported on severely crowded trucks in all weather extremes, deprived of food and water, to slaughterhouses, where U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors frequently report that workers slit the animals’ throats while they’re still conscious.

Going Vegan Is Easy!

Panguitch residents have PETA’s full support in going vegan, and you do, too! Our vegan starter kit makes saving animals and living a happier, longer life easy, with loads of recipes and advice for enjoying life on the compassionate side:

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