Petition: Help Protect Koalas from Logging in Australia

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Ex-employees of a company that has been logging on Kangaroo Island in Australia have come forward with gut wrenching allegations. They described utter carnage left in the wake of Australian Agribusiness Group — over 40 injured koalas and 20 dead as a result of negligent, cruel operations.

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Sign the petition if you want to make sure this company can’t hurt or kill any more koalas ever again!

The whistleblowers say that their former employer completely disregarded instructions to leave certain trees alone since koalas had been found living in them. Instead, workers apparently went on a rampage resulting in “broken skulls, jaws, arms and hips” of dozens of innocent koalas.

These gentle creatures have endured unthinkable habitat loss already — it’s actually one of the main reasons the koala is listed as endangered! Not only is the Australian Agribusiness Group adding fuel to the fire, but they’re doing it in allegedly violent ways. Video footage was recently released showing koalas clinging on for dear life as the trees they’re in are cut down. Blue gums can grow up to 100 feet tall — imagine the terror and pain these koalas felt as they plummeted from that height onto the ground below.

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Currently, logging by Australian Agribusiness Group has been paused while the Government and animal welfare experts investigate the gruesome allegations. But too often, these types of inquiries result in little protections for defenseless animals and plenty of leeway for profit-hungry corporations. Australian Agribusiness Group cannot get away with treating these poor koalas so abominably!

Let’s tell the Government that the world is watching. Sign the petition to demand this company be banned from logging blue gum plantations on Kangaroo Island ever again!

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This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 4 April 2024. Image Credit : Mari_May/Shutterstock.

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