Shocking New Investigation Exposes Widespread Suffering at Bouvry Exports Horse Feedlot

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US-based non-profit organization Animals’ Angels and EU partner the Animal Welfare Foundation have released a shocking new investigation revealing widespread, and potentially illegal cruelty and neglect at Bouvry Exports’ Prime Feedlot near Granum, Alberta.

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The footage shows horses being kept in crowded and filthy conditions with no protection from the elements, numerous horses suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries and illnesses, as well as decomposing carcasses scattered throughout the facility. Numerous horses are also seen with significantly overgrown hooves and extremely painful hoof conditions, including laminitis. At the feedlot, horses appear to be receiving inappropriate food for the purpose of fattening them up for slaughter, causing additional strain on their sensitive bodies. According to Animals’ Angels and the Animal Welfare Foundation, the footage was recorded in August, 2022 and April, 2023.

Bouvry Exports owns the largest horse slaughterhouse in Canada. The vast majority of horses imported into Canada from the US are killed at this facility.

Animal Justice Files Cruelty Complaint

Animal Justice believes much of the conduct shown at Bouvry Prime Feedlot is blatant and illegal animal cruelty. Our lawyers have filed a legal complaint with the Alberta SPCA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), urging the agencies to investigate Bouvry Exports for potential violations of Alberta’s Animal Protection Act, the federal Health of Animal Act, and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

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The investigation shows decomposing horse carcasses scattered throughout Bouvry Prime Feedlot.

Bouvry Exports Ships Canadian Horses Overseas for Slaughter

Though the horses shown in this footage appear destined for domestic slaughter, it is also worth noting that Bouvry Exports is one of the companies that profits from Canada’s horrific live horse export trade. Every year, thousands of horses are shipped live from airports in Alberta and Manitoba to Japan, where they are killed and eaten as a raw delicacy.

These terrified horses endure brutal conditions. They are packed together in tiny wooden crates and are denied food, water, or rest for the duration of the journey. Lawfully, these trips can take up to 28 hours, but they can sometimes be even longer.

The federal Liberal Party promised to ban this cruel practice during their last election campaign and even included the commitment in the December 2021 mandate letter to the agriculture minister. Animal Justice and our supporters continue to push the government to uphold its promise, but after all this time, these deadly flights continue.

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Show your support. Take action and share Animal Justice’s petition to keep the pressure up and urge Minister MacAulay to immediately ban the cruel export of live horses.

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