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In an age where time has become one of our most valuable resources, we’re asking you to give up just a little bit of yours to help support our Community Conservation Programme (CCP). is offering Wildlife ACT a unique opportunity to fundraise for our CCP through the #doDifferent campaign, which requires as many supporters as possible to sign up as ‘Activists’. 

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Why sign up:

This month, is offering ‘Activists’ a chance to double their impact when they sign up to support their chosen project. Up to R1000 can be raised for Wildlife ACT just by beginning your profile, with more challenges and activities to be released along the way. 

There are no costs involved – Activists are simply asked to complete a few quick and easy challenges to help raise funds for the cause they support.

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The importance of supporting Community Conservation:

When communities and conservation are at odds with one other, it is often both that lose out. To combat this social and conservation challenge, Wildlife ACT works on “both sides of the fence” and works towards re-connecting people with nature for the betterment of these communities and wildlife.

Wildlife ACT’s Community Conservation Programme was established with the aim to support the development and strengthening of community conservation and stewardship in communities adjacent to protected areas, thus contributing towards priority species conservation, such as Rhino, Wild Dog, and Vultures, over the long term.

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Support Wildlife ACT’s Community Conservation Programme through #doDifferent

How to join: 

Becoming an Activist costs absolutely nothing except for a few minutes of your time. Sign up to help Wildlife ACT reconnect people with nature and provide the youth and young people from communities adjacent to protected areas with a renewed passion, capacitation, and sense of responsibility for the conservation of their natural heritage across Zululand, and by doing so, expanding their livelihood opportunities.

Visit this link to view Wildlife ACT’s profile and join as an Activist. 

More information on how to sign up can be found here.

Photos by Casey Pratt / Love Africa Marketing

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