The Olympic Parody Mascot Has a Message for LVMH

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Do the Olympic Games really stand for “friendship, respect, and excellence”? The Olympic parody mascot had another message to deliver in Marseille today. To call out the cruel practices of LVMH, the main sponsor of the 2024 Games, a PETA France “Phryge” disrupted the Olympic torch’s journey with a message: “The Olympics, sponsored by cruelty to animals.”

PETA France’s costumed activist disrupted the event in Marseille, brandishing a “crocodile corpse” in one hand and, in the other, a “bloody” bag bearing the message “Louis Vuitton: Stop using exotic skins.”

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The cruel practices that LVMH inflicts on animals are a far cry from the values professed by the Olympics. The company claims to embody an “exceptional spirit of innovation” and is attempting to use the event to position itself as a modern leader, yet it continues to torture and kill animals for “fashion” accessories made of fur or exotic skins.

Investigations Reveal the Cruelty Hidden Behind Exotic Skins

A PETA Asia investigation into slaughterhouses in Indonesia that supply LVMH shows snakes being beaten with hammers, inflated with water, and cut with razors while they are likely still conscious.

PETA entities have also documented how the fashion industry cuts the necks of crocodiles and drives metal rods into their spines, decapitates still-conscious lizards with machetes, and electrically stuns ostriches before slashing their throats in view of their terrified flockmates.

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A beheaded crocodile

Vegan Materials Promote Respect and Excellence

Torturing animals to make handbags or coats is archaic and unacceptable, especially when high-end vegan options are available. Fashion should be a pleasure, not a tragedy, and more and more designers like Mulberry, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Burberry, Diane von Furstenberg, and Vivienne Westwood have abandoned the use of skins from reptiles or other wild animals.

Pythons and Crocodiles Need Your Help

Join PETA in urging LVMH to ban exotic skins and fur from Louis Vuitton and its other brands immediately:

Urge LVMH to Ban Fur and Exotic Skins

Crocodile or alligator raises head from the water

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