UBTAC Entering Its 3rd Year in Supporting a Thriving Hog Industry – UBTAC

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Uybontiong Agriventures Corp. and Purina Feeds: Partnering for a Thriving Filipino Hog Industry

Uybontiong Agriventures Corp. (UBTAC) is proud to celebrate the beginning of its third year as a leading distributor of high-quality animal feeds in central Philippines! We’re particularly excited about the significant progress made in the hog feed sector through our strengthened partnership with Purina Feeds, a Cargill company.

A Shared Commitment to Filipino Hog Raisers

UBTAC and Cargill- Purina Feeds share a deep dedication to serving the Filipino hog industry. We understand the challenges faced by Filipino hog raisers and are committed to providing solutions that ensure their success. Our partnership allows us to:

  • Deliver More Responsive Feed Solutions: Through open communication with hog raisers, UBTAC and Purina Feeds work together to create feed formulations that address specific regional needs and challenges.
  • Continuously Improve Feed Quality: Purina Feeds’ commitment to research and development fuels the creation of ever-better hog feeds, packed with essential nutrients for optimal animal health and growth.
  • Enhance Production Efficiency: Purina Feeds’ focus on production efficiency translates to cost-effective feed solutions. This makes hog raising more profitable for raisers and ensures a stable supply of high-quality pork for Filipino consumers.
  • Enhance the Efficiency of Product Distribution and Support Services: UBTAC commits to distribution efficiency and to providing technical support to the hog raisers in the grassroots level.

Building a Sustainable Future for Pork Production

Our partnership extends beyond just providing excellent feeds. UAC and Purina Feeds are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in hog raising. We offer guidance on proper animal husbandry, farm management, and biosecurity measures. This not only benefits animal welfare but also contributes to a more environmentally responsible industry.

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Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for Philippine Pork

As UBTAC and Purina Feeds enter a new year of our strengthened partnership, we are optimistic about the future of the Filipino hog industry. We envision a future where:

  • Filipino hog raisers enjoy a profitable and sustainable business model.
  • Consumers have access to a consistent supply of safe, affordable, and delicious pork.
  • The Philippines strengthens its position as a leader in pork production.

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with Filipino hog raisers to achieve these goals. Together, we can create a thriving hog industry that benefits everyone!

“Together We Thrive” – Cargill

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