Success! Canada Bans Elephant Ivory & Rhino Horn Trade

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Canada has taken an important step to protect elephants and rhinos from cruelty and extinction! The federal government has finally banned the import and export of elephant ivory and rhino horns, delivering a significant blow to cruel and irresponsible poaching and trophy hunting.

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Elephant and rhino populations in Africa, India, and South Asia are being decimated at an alarming rate due to poaching and habitat loss. Since 1980, the elephant population in Africa has declined by a shocking 70 percent. Each year in Africa, up to 25,000 elephants and 1,300 rhinos are brutally killed for financial gain.

Animal Justice and our incredible supporters have advocated for legal restrictions on the trade of elephant ivory products in Canada. Canadian animal protection groups, including Humane Society International/Canada, prominent Canadians, and compassionate citizens have been pushing for the ban for years. We’re incredibly grateful that our concerns were taken seriously, and that Canada has passed important regulations to safeguard majestic elephants and rhinos!

The new regulations include limited exceptions for imports and exports to museums or for scientific research, which requires a permit. Household items made with elephant ivory or rhino horn will need a Canadian CITES permit for international movement.

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Exciting Bill Could Protect Captive Elephants

Though this ban is an important victory for animals, Animal Justice is continuing to push for other legal reforms to protect wildlife, including elephants. Bill S-241, the Jane Goodall Act, is an important bill that’s currently working its way through the legislative process. If passed, the bill would phase out elephant captivity in Canada and significantly restrict the captivity of animals from over 800 species, including venomous snakes, big cats, bears, and many monkeys.

Join us in supporting the Jane Goodall Act to spare countless animals from suffering behind bars for entertainment.

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